Series: H Line

The H-Line ceramic series offers a wide array of neutral and smoky color hues. The research and development that led to the creation of this color palette is apparent. Due to its breadth of color offerings, this series can be used in combination with natural stone or other tile series, including glass tile. It is available in eight colors, with two of the colors offered in two finishes. The two sizes, 4”x16” and 3”x6”, provide flexibility in application and are supported with a full line of trim.

Series: Subway

Subway tile dates back to the early 1900's and has a distinctive charm and character. In the right setting it can have a traditional feel or be easily updated to a modern, sleek look. This series offers two rectangular sizes, a 3"x6" and 4"x12". The trim package includes bead, beak, chair rail, two SBNs and a DBN. A black accent flat liner bar is also available in 1"x6". Please note the thickness of the 4"x12" tile is 1/16" greater than the other items.


Series: Cementine

The Cementine Series is a porcelain that provides the charm and elegance of a vintage effect. It is available in five unique designs that allow for great variety in how they can be used. Whether using them as individual accents, creating a group of one design, or mixing multiple designs together, they can be used to create a unique layout. When blending the various designs together, please note the differences in calibration.

Series: Nu Travertine

The Nu Travertine Series is a color body porcelain that is produced to emulate travertine stone. The unbelievable similarities between this product and actual travertine were made possible due to new, digital, inkjet technology.

Series: Dome

The Dome series is a color body porcelain and has greater than 40% recycled content. It is the synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic research. Contemporary or classic ambiences are imbued by the vibrant surface colors of a collection that excels due to a strong personality as well as a high versatility. The multicolor shades and contrasts of light offer total freedom to create an array of tiling patterns.

Series: Redwood

The Redwood series replicates the patina and allure of reclaimed wood. The distressed appearance of these porcelain tiles showcases dramatic texture reminiscent of salvaged building materials. Mahogany, a rich brown-red, and Natural, a lighter blond-gray, emphasize the graining of this artful series in 6x24- and 6x36-inch planks.

Series: Continental Slate

The intriguing colors and cleft surface of Continental Slate are a near perfect recreation of natural slate. Its inspired tones have a high degree of shade variation, so they complement practically any decor. Made of porcelain, Continental Slate is not only durable enough for kitchens, baths, and living areas, it can also be used in demanding outdoor and commercial environments.

Series: Botanica

Upon seeing the Botanica porcelain series, one can't help but touch it. Inkjet technology combines detailed veining, complete with highs and lows that emulate natural wood grain with a Teak or Cashew glaze. Choose from 6x24- or 6x36-inch planks, which can be installed in a traditional wood pattern.

Series: Regis

The Regis series is a color body porcelain. It is the synthesis of digital technology applied to aesthetic research, resulting in warm tones and natural veins. Because this material is a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. Regis is available in six sizes, including a 2”×8", plus a surface bullnose, beak and bead.

Series: Marmol

The Marmol Series is a glazed porcelain, manufactured in the United States. The Marmol Series contains 32% pre-consumer recycled content. The use of digital print technology allows the beauty and extensive color variations in natural marble to be emulated in this series.


Series: Watercolors

The Watercolors glass line is made from 8mm high quality 
heavy-duty, construction-grade glass, which is usually used shower wall accents.

Natural Stone

Series: Quartzite

Series: Travertine

Series: Limestone

Series: Marble

Series: Granite


Series: Pebble

The tile genre that Island Stone created, the Pebble Tile Series will make stunning, seamless surfaces of unmatched quality and uniqueness!